Buhoma Community Walk (Tourism and Culture Committee).

This was started in 2002 with the support from Bwindi Mgahinga Conservation Trust (BMCT). This is a 3-hour Buhoma Village Walk that introduces the visitor to the people and their culture living near Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Buhoma Area. One learns about.

  • Observing how women create handicrafts and baskets at the crafts center.
  • A waterfall in the middle of the farmland and visitors can also see how hard women are working in the fields tending to their crops.
  • In season, visitors see how tea and coffee is picked and for tea how just the newest leaves area picked by the skilled pickers. These cool hillsides lend themselves to growing a wonderful variety of tea and for coffee how it is picked, dried and processed to the time of drinking if possible you can test.
  • Stop along the Munyaga River and see women washing clothes in the traditional way by hand. One will see hundreds of multi-color butterflies;
  • Stop in the middle of a Banana plantation where there is local brewing demonstration using Bananas including the distilling of a local gin made from banana juice;
  • Traditional Healer – no, he is not a witch doctor but someone who knows what to use from the forest for ailments – you will be amazed at this informative demonstration;
  • Visit the local High school and Primary School and meet children and the teachers – amazing how one can learn without electricity, lights, computers – but the most amazing thing is the wonderful spirit of the children.
  • Last – there is a visit to the Batwa Pygmy community – the original people of the forest – those who lost their feeding homes when Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park was created – ending with traditional dancing.

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